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B2B Industry: the best partner to grow your business!

B2B Industry is the directory that guides you in the search for new partners for your business. 

The platform showcases the main players of the B2B sectors such as agri-tech, industrial automation, pneumatics, glass and textile industry

The platform counts many companies and trade associations that decide  to present themselves to an International audience. Thanks to B2B Industry, companies are able to connect with new potential leads and suppliers for their sector. 

Sharing is  at the core of the project: the main players in the B2B sector are joining forces by sharing information, knowledge, ideas and experiences to increase the visibility of their company on the international market

To this date, B2B Industry has over 135,000 active users and has more than 310,000 page views

The growth experienced by the portal to this date is surprising. Comparing data from the same period of the previous year, the number of users experienced a growth of 21%

It is also a record of views, which increased by 11% compared to the same period of the previous year. 

The platform actively addresses the international market, attracting users and industry experts from all over the world. The numbers on the foreign market are amazing: by number of users and views, it leads the ranking of the United States, followed by Spain, France and Germany and South Korea

The numbers on social platforms are constantly growing. To this date, B2B has a total of 1.253 followers on LinkedIn

Join B2B Industry and show the world your company’s peculiarities and products!

Companies present on B2B Industry have the opportunity to make contact with new potential customers and to expand their network. Do you want to be part of B2B Industry?

Contact us at number +39.035.460.936 or at

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