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Bonfiglioli’s R3 series: solutions for recycling

Recycling is a key component to reduce pollution and waste. In this perspective, Bonfiglioli creates, designs and produces customized solutions for the collection, resizing and sorting of waste. 

The wide range of Bonfiglioli planetary gearboxes is made in a production process strongly focused on the needs of individual customers. 

These solutions are developed with the highest level of customization, which requires a deep interaction between the customer and the Bonfiglioli team, to ensure that all requests and variants are known.

Bonfiglioli’s R3 series

The R3 series is a compact series capable of providing high power. Its planetary thruster makes it ideal for all heavy-duty applications where loads and impacts are more the rule than the exception. 

The product has a very flexible configuration, thanks also to the possibility to customize both the inlet and the outlets of the reducer. The series features several options for mounting, gear arrangement, output shaft and motor interface.

Depending on the customer’s torque requirements and machine layout, the R3 series can be equipped with one, two or four hydraulic motor adapters. The adapter for electric motors is available on request.

Main advantages

easy integration, installation and maintenance of the gearbox in the machine, effective optimal solution, reliable transmission;

Main options:

version with axis synchronization gears, output shaft flange plug in, or lobe opinion, surface protection up to class C5 (ISO);

Maximum radial force:

56 to 117


• integral output shaft with lobe profile

• solid output shaft with spline profile


• flanged inputs suitable for hydraulic axial piston motors

• flanged inputs suitable for electric motors (IEC, NEMA or customized)

Applicable motors:

• hydraulic piston motors

• electric motors

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