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Leading sectors:

Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture is extremely productive, and Germany can cover 90% of its nutritional needs with domestic production. The country’s principal agricultural products are potatoes, wheat, barley, sugar beets, fruit, and cabbages. Despite Germany’s high level of industrialization, almost one-third of its territory is covered by forest. The forestry industry provides for about two-thirds of domestic consumption of wood and wood products.


Germany is recognized the world over for its outstanding automotive industry and excellence in engineering. From Asia to the Americas, German cars embody highly cherished values of innovation, reliability, safety, and design. Germany is by some distance Europeโ€™s leading production and sales market. The countryโ€™s world-class R&D infrastructure, complete industry value chain integration, and highly qualified workforce create an internationally peerless automotive environment. It enables companies to develop cutting-edge technologies, which perfectly address tomorrowโ€™s mobility needs, including autonomous driving technology.

Metal and Electrical

The country is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of steel, with production concentrated in the Ruhr region. The metal and electrical industry is Germany’s key industrial sector. The sector generates most of its turnover by manufacturing capital goods. Two-thirds of products and services are exported. Since the late 19th century, as the home of internationally known firms such as Siemens and AEG, Germany has been a world leader in the manufacture of electrical equipment.


Whether in the reinforcement of traditional industry products or the sustainable development of emerging technologies, Germany’s chemical industry plays a keystone role. Supported by world-renowned R&D institutes, knowledge-laden graduates, and dependable supply chains, Germany offers investors fertile ground for their product development and market integration within Europeโ€™s largest economy. And all this at the center of a large market: the European Union.

Electronics & Microtechnology

Germany is recognized internationally as an innovative microelectronics production and research location. The electronics industry in the country is also Europeโ€™s leading production and sales market. Germany boasts an unparalleled density of renowned R&D institutes and world-leading manufacturers and suppliers for electrical and electronic materials, components, and equipment across the value chain. These range from microelectronic components to electrical household appliances, automation systems, electronic medical equipment, and automotive electronics. Investment opportunities are many and varied.

Renewable energy

Germany is the first major industrialized nation to commit to the renewable energy transition, called Energiewende. The country is the leading producer of wind turbines in the world and its central position makes it an ideal location for European onshore and offshore markets alike. Germany provides significant business potential in the fields of photovoltaic and energy storage thanks to unique market conditions, excellent industry infrastructure, and numerous partnering opportunities. Biomass has grown into one of the most important renewable energy sources in Germany after growing steadily since the nineties. As a result, the country is Europe's largest consumer of bioenergy and is setting benchmarks, especially in innovative technologies.


Germany has become increasingly popular as a vacation site, not only for international visitors, but also among native Germans. The diverse landscapes, the manifold opportunities for leisure and sports activities, cultural sites, events of international importance as well as fascinating cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Hamburg, or Munich, attract tourists from all around the globe.

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