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Germany invests in hydrogen

Globally, interest in green hydrogen has grown for several reasons: it can play a key role in decarbonisation by replacing fossil fuels in various industrial processes, it contributes to the diversification of energy sources and creates new economic opportunities. The German industrial system is also starting to invest in this new clean energy source.

Germany is at the forefront of promoting the energy transition, or Energiewende, a process that aims to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and increase the use of renewable energies.

The German government has allocated billions of euros to support the research, development and adoption of hydrogen, with the aim of becoming a world leader in the production and use of this sustainable energy source. The strategy includes the creation of a hydrogen market, the development of distribution infrastructures and the adoption of hydrogen in industries and in sustainable mobility.

The government is working to create a robust and functioning hydrogen market. This means promoting the large-scale production of hydrogen, encouraging research and innovation in the sector and creating favorable conditions for investment. Another crucial component of the strategy is the development of hydrogen distribution infrastructure. The government intends to create a network of hydrogen filling stations throughout the country, making this form of energy accessible and convenient for an ever-increasing number of users. Finally, the German government aims for the widespread adoption of hydrogen in industries and sustainable mobility.

Italy and Germany are united in the SoutH2 Corridor project, a 3,300 km gas pipeline that will connect North Africa to the European continent for the transport of hydrogen produced in North Africa, passing through Italy, Austria and Germany.

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