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Geiger counter PCE-RAM 10

One of the sadly topical issues, following the armed conflicts in territories where nuclear power plants are present, is that of environmental safety and constant monitoring of radiation in the areas adjacent to nuclear power plants.

To measure the radiation level, the Geiger counter is used, a device invented about a century ago, which allows to measure ionizing radiations, in particular radiations coming from Alpha, Beta and Gamma decays.
The Geiger counter is not only used in areas where there are nuclear power plants, but in all places or environments susceptible to natural or artificial contamination such as, just to give a few examples, water basins, health facilities or freight yards where products or materials could arrive. contaminated.
In some areas of the world they are in common use. This is the case in Japan for example, where Geiger counters are widely used and made available to customers in some supermarkets and restaurants to measure the level of radioactivity in food and drinks.
But let’s see how a Geiger counter works in detail.

The mode of operation of any Geiger counter is based on a simple principle: when radioactive particles enter the detector, they react like a noble gas. The gas changes its properties and creates conductivity. At the moment of the reaction, electricity flows. The intensity of the radiation can be measured based on the frequency of the current flow. The Geiger counter detector is equipped with some counting tubes which include anode, cathode and noble gas. Some devices also measure X-rays, in addition to Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation. The devices that can also measure Alpha or Beta radiation are more complex and more expensive but they help to identify the whole range of possible radiations that can harm health and to take the necessary countermeasures.

Among the instruments available on the market that can accurately measure both Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation as well as X-rays, we will discuss in this article one of the Geiger counters produced and marketed by the company PCE Instruments.

This is the PCE-RAM 10 Geiger counter, a meter that stands out for the very high accuracy of its measurements and ergonomic design.

As already specified, the PCE-RAM 10 Geiger counter is able to measure Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-ray radiations and has a Bluetooth interface that allows data to be transferred to the PC for their analysis through the included software. in the supply.
This Geiger counter has a memory for 2,000 values ​​and the data can be stored automatically or manually. The Geiger counter in question is then equipped with a large backlit LCD display with bar graph and many other indications.

Due to its accuracy and versatility, the PCE-RAM Geiger counter is used in the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, nuclear power plants, quarries, rescue operations, metal treatment plants, oil storage, environmental protection, etc.

Main features of the PCE-RAM 10 Geiger counter

  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-ray radiation
  • High precision
  • Internal memory for 2,000 values
  • Large LCD display
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Data analysis through the software

For further information, please visit the PCE Instruments manufacturer‘s website where you can find a wide range of devices for measuring radiation, in addition to the one described.

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