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Ingranaggi Moreali’s applications and industries

Moreali’s gears are completely customizable, making them perfect for any application. 

Moreali renews its entrepreneurial skills every day by listening to and interpreting customer needs, regardless of their complexity. 

The quality that inspires it, the technologies at its disposal and the high-value services it is able to offer, allow the company to interpret the needs of the individual customer, with the co-design of every single element, guaranteeing compliance with delivery times and the highest quality standards.

Applications and industries

Extremely resistant and performing, the products of the Moreali range are suitable for different application sectors

The first concerns the agricultural and construction industry, with use in agricultural machinery and earthmoving machinery, such as plows and tractors. Then there is renewable energy, with wind turbines and their operations: in fact, inside them, wind turbines generally have a gearbox containing gears connected to the rotation blades. 

Mechanics industry represents another fundamental sector, with angular references with and without reduction ratio, up-and-down of the doors, industrial applications in sectors such as marine, mining, metal extraction.

Then there is the one concerning electromobility: pumps, hydraulic motors and gearmotors on operating machines in general; while in the field of logistics it deals with forklifts and lifting cranes. Finally, the last one concerns the transport and handling of materials, with roller conveyors for the transfer of goods. 

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