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CELMI srl and its LOAD CELLS on the beekeepers’ side to monitor and weigh the hives

Let’s imagine the scene. A bee farm, made up of numerous hives, located in a mountain pasture, at 850  meters above sea level. The question arises spontaneously: how does the poor beekeeper understand when  the time has come to climb up the slope to collect honey? Very simple: thanks to a weighing system made up  of 3 elements, in detail: load cell, electronic instrumentation and PLC system equipped with Cloud app.

In  this way the weight of each hive is constantly monitored and the weight data is conveniently transmitted to  the farm owner, thanks to a Cloud system. Weight it is just one of the data that the system can collect  and send to the Cloud via PLC: in addition to it, in fact, the system is able to recover and transmit  temperature and humidity data, fundamental parameters for the well-being and life of bees and the  entire hive.

Hygrometers: Humidity monitoring for a balanced environment for the beekeepers

Humidity is a critical element to monitor in bee farms. Hygrometers are instruments designed to measure  the relative humidity of the air. They can be digital or analog and provide beekeepers with crucial  information about the humidity in and around the hive. An environment with the right level of humidity is  essential for bee health and breeding success. Hygrometers allow beekeepers to regulate the humidity within  the hive, helping to prevent problems such as dehydration of larvae or the growth of harmful molds. 

The importance of humidity in hives and bee farms

Humidity, generally maintained between 40% and 60%, plays several vital roles within the hive. One of these  is thermal regulation: bees, in fact, are able to regulate the temperature inside the hive thanks to the  evaporation of water. Proper humidity allows them to maintain an optimal temperature, which is especially  important during the warmer or colder seasons. 

But humidity is not only important for temperature. In an environment with the right level of humidity, bees  can develop their larvae healthily. Inadequate humidity could lead to dehydration of the larvae themselves,  while excessive humidity could favor the development of harmful molds.

Wax production, used by bees to build combs and store honey, is also affected by humidity. An environment  with the right level of humidity promotes the production of quality wax, essential for the functioning and  structure of the hive. 

But that is not all. Bees also use moisture in the air to communicate with each other. For example, the degree  of humidity can influence the bees’ dance, a communication mechanism used to indicate the direction and  distance of food sources. 

However, maintaining a correct humidity level is not just a matter of bee well-being. It also helps control  parasites, such as Varroa mites, which can seriously damage bee colonies. An environment with adequate  ventilation and humidity can help control the presence of these parasites and protect bees. 

Finally, an environment with the right level of humidity can help keep bees more resilient to disease, as  excessive humidity can encourage the spread of pathogens. 

Hive thermometers: precise temperature monitorin

An additional factor that influences bee health is the temperature inside the hive. Thermometers specially  designed for hives provide beekeepers with an accurate indication of the ambient temperature inside the  hives. These thermometers can be digital or analog and are often equipped with probes that allow you to  place the sensor directly inside the hive to measure the temperature in real time. These devices are  indispensable during the warmer or colder seasons, when it is essential to maintain an optimal temperature  for the well-being of the bees. 

For the application of monitoring the weight of hives, CELMI srl supports specialists with an off-center load  cell model SUP1 with capacities up to 50 kg in aluminium:

Typical applications: 

  • Small platforms
  • Hoppers

CAPACITY: 3-5-6-10-15-20-30-35-50 Kg 


  • Universal use
  • Low cost
  • Aluminum construction
  • Platform dimensions: 250x300mm

CELMI s.r.l. Tel: +39 0245712209  Largo Brugnatelli 13/16 Pag. 2 di 3 20090 Buccinasco (MI) 

  • ATEX certification

In addition to this load cell, the hive monitoring system proposed by CELMI, called CONNECT 4.0,  includes the presence of a control unit capable of carrying out various functions: both weighing and the cloud  and sending data via radio. Below are the program features of the CONNECT 4.0 instrument: 

  • Insertion/modification/cancellation of orders.
  • Selection of the order to be worked on with the possibility of a work break.
  • Calculation of the sum of the weight accumulated from the weighings.
  • Calculation of the number of weighs for the load of the selected order.
  • Export of production logs to USB key or web browser.

For more information and details on these products and for the other solutions in the CELMI srl catalogue,  you can visit the website and write to

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