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Ingranaggi Moreali’s vision: safety at the centre

Safety is a very important and, at the same time, neglected issue. 

For Moreali, it has always been fundamental to guarantee the safety of its employees, in compliance with the highest safety standards, and of its customers, certifying the quality and integrity of its products. 

Attention to human capital is always at the heart of Moreali’s mission: every employee and collaborator has individual characteristics that he brings to his daily work and that turn out to be valuable for the company.

A business that wants to succeed must take care of its resources and capabilities, as well as its company.

The vision of the company in the perspective of the “employee experience”

For Moreali, the “employee experience” is fundamental: if you do not take care of the staff, it will be difficult to manage customers and growth prospects. 

For Moreali, human capital is fundamental, and every day the company is committed to giving great importance to all the characteristics of the members of the company, such as creativity, intelligence, tenacity, respect for the work of others and motivation.

By following these values, Moreali enables its employees to:

  • Have Lean consulting with Bonfiglioli Consulting;
  • Take advantage of business processes in Lean mode;
  • Give information from the site Bonfiglioli Consulting;
  • Send photos Andon / Panel PC;
  • To be formed continuously;

If you also want to join the Moreali team, consult the open positions and visit the website!

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