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CAP IT S.r.l.

It is an international benchmark in the field of technology related to measurement and control of temperature and beyond. Over 25,000 temperature sensors produced every year, heating blanket sector in continuous growth trend, a percentage of returns and complaints tending to โ€œ0โ€, Quality Certification for over 12 years, ability to adapt to any critical situation, delivery of goods in a few days , just in time, fully controlled production processes, internal calibration laboratory, design and engineering services, field interventions and much more.

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    Thermocouples: origins and operating principles

    Thermocouples were invented in 1821 by Thomas Johann Seebeck, an important German physicist. Seebeck was trying to understand how different materials conduct heat when...

    Temperature sensors for sterilizers and autoclaves

    Pharmaceutical and food applications for saturated steam sterilizers and autoclaves, water immersion and Ethylene Oxide applications: our temperature sensor is perfect! Sterilization processes in pharmaceutical...

    CAP IT precision sensors for autoclave applications

    Precision sensors are devices that use a variety of techniques to detect and measure a wide range of physical quantities with a high degree...

    Discover the sectors of CAP IT solutions!

    CAP It, a company active since 1996, over the years has become an international benchmark in the field of technology related to temperature measurement...

    The values of CAP IT for temperature service

    Founded in 1996 as a small business in the field of temperature control, CAP IT has become in a few years an international benchmark...

    CAP IT and the challenge of high temperatures

    CAP IT is able to supply a complete range of temperature sensors, thermocouples and resistance (RTDs) for both light and demanding measurements, in a...

    CAP IT: since 1996, leader in the design and temperature control

    CAP IT ย is the leader in Italy in the design and production of sensors and electric blankets, as well as devices for temperature control. The...

    The temperature sensors for the glass industry of CAP IT

    CAP IT, a company active since 1996 for the production of thermocouple and thermal resistance temperature sensors and thermal blankets, also deals with the...